Thursday, August 21, 2014

Surgery eve

Well, tomorrow is the big day!  It's been such a long road that has felt very arduous at times, brief at others. I had my pre-op appointment today and I must say that I have never experienced more calm than I did today.  When my mother and I drove up to the hospital, I had absolutely no butterflies in my stomach, unlike the first time I was there to hear the surgeon give an informational talk. I walked in the hospital, almost feeling like a hostess with my mother ... "Here's the chapel, here's the elevator, here's the cafeteria."  When we arrived in the surgery check-in area, I was calm as I waited for my turn and answered all the nurse's questions.  It just felt really good, for lack of a better word.  I am hungry right now, I'm not gonna lie.  I am only allowed clear fluids today and so it's been really hard.  My blood sugar dipped a little low, so I have to monitor that carefully.  At 11 p.m. tonight, I will not be allowed to have any more fluids.  We are due at the hospital at 5:15 tomorrow morning and then I go in for surgery at 7:15.  Since I am having the gastric bypass done, my surgery will take about two hours.  I'd love any and all prayers!  I need to head off and pack my back for the hospital stay, but I'll post again as soon as I'm able after the surgery.


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