Thursday, May 2, 2013

Getting closer

Man am I tired!  I just finished two days in a row of finals for school.  Generally that's not a big deal but given the injuries in my hands, all of the essay writing is not a great time for me.  I just have to finish my research papers, turn those in next week and then I'll be all done for the semester!  I had a commencement info session the other day to find out what will happen at the graduation ceremony in a few weeks.  It's pretty crazy ... there are four graduation ceremonies happening and mine will have the most graduates.  They are expecting 10,000 people to be there.  Holy smokes!!  They showed us an aerial shot of last year's ceremony and it was a little overwhelming.  But a good kind of overwhelming.  It's starting to feel very real.  The invitations went out for my post-graduation celebration and it's been great to have friends so happy for me.  This has been such a major journey in my life.  If anything, I am the poster child for perseverance.  Many people would have given up but I didn't.  I just refuse to give up, not on this.  It has meant so much to me.  Friends have watched me through this process and I can't wait to celebrate with them.  I will for sure post pictures here after the ceremony so I can share this with all of you, too.  Now, off to fall into my bed and get some sleep.


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