Monday, February 4, 2013

Great test results

I received some really great test results back today.  Every three months, I have blood work done that shows my average daily blood sugar.  Doctors want diabetics to have an average blood sugar reading called an A1C of 7% or under.  Just as a frame of reference, a year ago when I started to lose weight, my A1C level was 9.9%, which is completely out of an acceptable range.  I eventually started dropping that number the longer that I was on Optifast, going to an all-time low of 5.9%  A "normal" person (meaning someone that does not have diabetes) is a 6% or less.  So, while I was on the products, I was considered normal.  Being off the fast and on regular food now since about October or so, I naturally assumed my levels would return to something higher.  So here's where I'm at right now.

If you can see, the last three readings have been exactly the same with the straight line since September ... 5.9%.  It's an amazing testament to how important weight loss is and how it can drastically change things if you look at where I was in 2011. While I have suffered some episodes of my blood sugar being too low, it looks like I didn't go too low to have a drastic affect thankfully.  I still do make a point of watching the carbs that I take into my system, but I'm so thrilled to know I've been steady at the same point for some time now.  It reminds me to stay the course and continue taking good care of myself.

Sometimes taking care of ourselves is easier said than done.  I chatted with a friend today I haven't had an opportunity to talk to for a while and ended up in tears.  It wasn't a bad thing.  We actually were both in tears for different reasons, but it was just another release of what has been building up inside of me.  It's different if I spill my guts on here and write behind a screen about how I'm doing and how I'm feeling than it is to sit in front of another human being who is a friend.  It's like all the resolve that you have to be tough and just soldier through gets broken down.  I have some really terrific friends and people I work with that have become really wonderful friends.  I am blessed to work in a place where people really care about one another, even if we have our moments of getting on each others' last nerve!  This is exactly why I wanted to continue in a support group as I lose the weight and not trying to do it on my own.  It's so important to write about things that are going on and equally as important to feel them.  I have been so emotional lately, but that's a good thing I think.  It's about breaking down walls that I put up to "protect" myself.  I act as though things don't hurt me when they really stab at my insides and it's just not good to keep it bottled up inside.  I have done that all of my life and it got me to 420 pounds, so no more of that. 

I never did hear back from my Optifast counselor today after leaving him the message that I was leaving the group, but I didn't really expect to.  It was just a little disappointing because he was always rooting for me.  I'm looking forward to really embracing WW and the new people I'm sure I'll get to know there.  One thing I already love is that my weigh-in time is now in the morning instead of at the end of the day.  You guys know what I'm talking about ... after a full day of having your meals and drinking all of your water and then you're going to weigh in??  I don't think so!  Another day coming to a close and I'm looking forward to getting some really good sleep. 


Martha Kaiser said...

Awesome blood results! Yay! So so so happy for you! I'm sure that is a huge relief.

I think Weight Watchers is a perfect fit for what you are looking for. I really enjoyed the group dynamic and thought it helped a lot (when I did WW 13 years ago). If you, for some reason, don't click with the first group you attend, try another one or give it a while. It takes a while of seeing familiar faces for that bonding to start.

Kathy said...

Thank you Martha ;-) I'm already feeling good about my decision to join Weight Watchers and I'm doing everything I can to be successful with it.

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