Thursday, July 31, 2014

Consultations are now scheduled

Well, it looks like things are really moving forward now!  I received my authorizations today from Kaiser for the gastric bypass consultations, so I immediately called to schedule those appointments.  I was hoping to get them all done before I return to work on August 11th.  With two months off during the summer, it would probably not be great to turn around and take another day off.  Thankfully they were able to get me right in this coming Tuesday.  Hooray!  I will be meeting with a psychiatrist, internist and the surgeon with appointments one right after the other.  While all the surgeons are fantastic, I did specifically request the one I wanted.  I just have heard exceptional things about him and already met him at one of the information sessions.  I have prayed about this and God guides me at every turn.  I just felt that now is my time to ask for what I want.  So here I go!!

Having started this process back in early November, it seriously has felt like this time would never come.  Of course I knew it would eventually, but it feels pretty surreal.  After I meet with the surgeon, it will be a pretty quick turn-around to then schedule the surgery date.  One of my classmates, who has already completed her consultations, got her surgery date scheduled about a week from when she met with the surgeon (we have the same one).  I can imagine my experience will probably be just as quick.  Her date is almost three weeks away, so I'm guessing I'll probably have my surgery around the end of August.  Eeek!

I must admit I'm a little nervous, but I've been really trying to stay in the day about all of this.  The mindfulness class I am participating in, as well as the meditations I am doing at home daily, is really helping me stay focused.  If I project into the future, then I'm not honoring my process and, trust me, this is definitely a process.  When I do have those moments of thinking about the actual surgery and how very different things are going to be for the rest of my life, I start to feel anxiety.  Using the mindfulness techniques, I can stop and take those deep breaths to help bring me back to the present moment.  I know my mind with continue drifting to that day in the operating room, but I also know I have tools to help me with that.  Thankfully it is not my first experience with having a surgery, so I at least know what to expect in terms of that piece.  I'm grateful that I will be returning to work while I wait for the surgery date and the days leading up to that time - it will help me to stay focused on something else.  Of course, as I have more updates, I'll post them on here.  Thank you all for your continued support ;-)


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