Saturday, January 21, 2012

Supportive friends

I told one of my very good friends tonight that I made the decision to get medical intervention for weight loss and gained health by going through Optifast.  I was prepared to explain all of my reasons why and she essentially told me that she is so happy I made the decision and that she would be there to support me every step of the way.  Why do I feel the need to justify myself to other people, no matter how supportive they are?  I don't need to seek anyone's approval, yet there's this part of me that wants everyone to jump on board with me.  Ultimately, the people in my life love and care for me and want me to be healthy so I can be around for a long time.  I want that too, very much.  I was praying a lot today about feeling that taking this action will be supported by God and just hoping that I was making the right decision.  In my heart, I feel I have but there's always that little voice saying the opposite.  I'm ready to start now, tonight.  But, I have to wait to go through all the hoops that are necessary, like blood tests, EKG, etc.  Patience dear girl!


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