Saturday, November 29, 2014

Spending time with family

Hi my lovelies,

Happy belated Thanksgiving.  I hope everyone had an awesome holiday full of thanks with family and friends.  My mother and I went to visit my brother and sister-in-law out in Las Vegas.  Overall I would say it was a good visit. I discovered bow bad my mother's foot and mouth disease really is though. She was going on and on about how bad she felt I looked after I gained weight at the conclusion of the Optifast program I was on.  And I quote...

"After you got off Optifast, you got really fat really fast.". 

I responded with, "Gee, thanks mom.". I was fuming. She said this in front of everyone.  I told her that was incredibly rude to say and she responded by telling me that she was just "keeping it real.". I told her that just because someone says they're keeping it real does not mean you can say whatever.  People have feelings and emotions.  Later I told her I was still mad but she just didn't get it. I raised my voice at her and told her she was rude.  How would she feel if someone said she was "incredibly fat", especially in front of other people?  Getting off the safety and security and Optifast was hard, made even harder by gaining weight back.  I stood my ground though.  If she wasn't talking about my body post-Optifast then she was talking about how much I'm dropping now.  I totally get why people say they don't want to tell any family.  Other than all of that, the rest of the visit was perfectly normal. Well, as normal as can be expected. 

Over the holiday week, I upgraded my iPhone to the 6+ and I'm typing this post on my new Microsoft Surface Pro.  New gadgets are fun, aren't they?  I bought the tablet for my master's work but the phone was an upgrade for me.  Now I can be all over my house doing my work.  Heck, I can even be outside in my back patio while using the Surface.  That's what I'm talking about!  Grad school is completely challenging so anything that makes my life easier is a good thing.

I have been really lax on posting to this blog.  I swear I'm not doing it on purpose, but its still happening.  So I'm committing here and now that I will post something everyday for the next week.  I want to get back in the groove of doing what I know works.


happyinca said...

Isn't it weird what people will say once you start losing weight? I had a similar experience a couple of months ago with an elderly relative. They hadn't seen me since my weight loss, and felt the need to unburden themselves by confiding how worried they had been about my weight and health for the longest time (in detail). I had to just smile and comment about how great I feel now, but inside I felt embarrassed. Is this a manifestation of how society views the overweight/obese as undeserving of basic decorum and human kindness? I understand that they were trying to express their care, but it brought up feelings of shame for me.

Beth Ann said...

Sigh. I seem to never like what people say when they are "keeping it real." :( Glad you are feeling good!

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