Saturday, June 21, 2014

Staycation in Southern California

I haven't heard back from my dermatologist's office yet on the results of the biopsies I had done on Monday.  No news is good news I suppose.  I did have a little bit of a scare because I received a call from Kaiser on Wednesday.  As soon as I saw the name splashed across my cell phone, my heart immediately started beating faster.  I had nothing to worry about, though ... it was just a routine call from my primary care doctor's office.  Whew!

I have been enjoying my summer so far, though.  It's funny how quickly I forgot about work.  I do periodically check my email for important messages because there's a few things going on that I can't neglect over the summer but other than that I'm pretty free.  I will be subbing for our principal's assistant for three days next month, but I'm not taking classes or trips over this summer so I'm really in relaxation mode.  I do want to work on some projects around my house, but primarily I want to focus the most on myself and preparing myself for the upcoming bariatric surgery.  I just have two weeks to go and then I will be done with my pre-op classes.  Eeeeek!  At times it seemed so slow and other times it felt like it whipped by.  

Since I will be in staycation mode, I have decided to make this summer one where I rediscover my beautiful San Diego.  I have lived in the county since 1974 and I often times forget why it is such a destination for many people going on vacation.  Yesterday I decided to make a list of some places I could potentially visit this summer.  I came up with almost thirty places that are free or almost free.  I do want to also include our beautiful beaches to explore.  I think we have something like 22 miles of beaches, some of which I haven't been to in a million years. While I probably won't be swimming in the ocean, practically all of them have walking paths near the shoreline.  

One of the fun places I went to yesterday was our lovely San Diego Zoo.  I have a funny story around this.  When I was a little girl, maybe five or six, we had gone on one of our trips to the zoo as a family before my parents were divorced.  On that particular visit, I came across life-size statutes of gorillas.  As a little girl, the size of these things frightened me so much that I was wailing at just the mere sight of them.  When I say wailing, I mean I was representative of every child you dislike screaming in restaurants, airplanes and stores all rolled into one.  In fact, I was so scared that we had to leave the park.  Since that time, which was 1976 or 1977, I have not returned.  I don't know if it was because I was traumatized or what the reason was, but I never went back that I recall, even as an adult.  Here are some great pictures, including one where I encountered one of the gorilla statues again.


We had a great time and I laughed when I saw those statues again.  While they were the actual size, they were only busts on top of pillars.  Martha, you were absolutely right ... there are a lot of hills there.  When I got out of bed this morning, I felt it in my thighs.  They felt like they were on fire!  I ended up buying a year membership yesterday since it lets me get in free to both the zoo and the Wild Animal Park.  It's a great place to go walking and I can take a friend with me each time without having to pay extra.  While it's my goal to get in lots of exercise this summer, I think it's a great way to do it while also enjoying the sites.  


happyinca said...

Hi Kathy, another great staycation thing to do is Cruisin' Grand in Escondido. We went there for the first time last night and it was such a fun, people-watching thing to do, and I walked about 3 miles! It takes up about 6 blocks plus side streets, and there are vintage and souped-up cars parked on the street, live music and sidewalk cafes. The weather was perfect! It's free and happens every Friday night between April and September from 5-9pm. It's worth checking out!

Kathy said...

What is so funny is that I live very close to Cruisin' Grand and I have never been. I am very familiar with exactly where it is and drive past it all the time when they have that going on. I better get out of my car and actually go to is some time!

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