Friday, July 12, 2013

Finding peace around food

I just have to say that the last few days have been really great with my food.  I was doing okay before, but there's been no desire to overeat or to eat things that are not good for me.  In fact, everything has been very clean and even tasty.  I have been reflecting a lot on the conversation with my therapist and I have to say that it made a huge difference.  Hmm, there might be something to this therapy thing after all.  I've been keeping the mantra Yes, I can on the front burner.  When I pray, it is for God's grace, love and support and to especially help me to meet Him in my life on a daily basis.  What I mean by that is that I need the strength and the courage to get out of my own way and grab a hold of God's hand that is always extended out to me.  Sometimes I really forget that in the moment.  How is it that ice cream or some other concoction can be so much more powerful than other things that are so much more important?  It's probably because it's always been the way for me of coping or just dealing with life.  It's not even the difficulties of life; it also includes the joys as well.  What better way to celebrate something than to go eat or drink, right?    I'm happy to say, though, that there is peace right now.  I know these things can change in the blink of an eye, but I'm choosing to go with it.  When I made my dinner tonight, there was just a calm that I really loved.  I made a heavenly stir-fry mix of shrimp, mushrooms, yellow bell pepper and polenta with just a touch of gluten free soy sauce.  Of course, like the geek I am, I snapped a pic of it.  And, yes, I'm posting it below.  Call me proud of myself for taking care of my body.


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