Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How I can help

With the tragedy that happened in Boston yesterday, part of me feels like posting about my little world - about weight loss, pain in my body and even the good - seems a bit trite.  I then realized that the best thing that I can do is pray, be in the present moment and do the best I can to take really good care of myself.  Of course that is easier said than done sometimes, I realize that all too well.  When I am at work, I do receive e-mail blasts from a local news station when there is ever breaking news.  Often times it will be about a pileup on the freeway or something on that scale.  But yesterday, when I received a message about what happened at the marathon, I clicked on the live feed and just was horrified to see what I did.  Working in a high school, often what affects the nation also affects our kids.  And as one of the adults who interacts with them during the day, I realize how I handle a situation and the discussions I may have with them can make a big impact.  I did my best to be open to their needs as a few of them talked with me about it yesterday, especially with one of our kids running in that very marathon.  Thank God above that he finished before the blasts hit and he was safe, but the same could not be said for others.

So, even though I have an aching heart this morning, I know that what I do with myself is of vital importance if I dare put any of this into its proper perspective.  It is a reminder to me that life is very short and fleeting.  What am I doing with my life that can make a difference?  Well one thing is for sure ... I can treat myself with the loving care that I treat others in my life.  That means that I don't need to take out emotions through another substance, like food.  Overeating to take away pain, discomfort or just uneasiness is no solution and, in fact, only can hurt me, taking me away from those that love and care for me.  I can start my day with a healthy breakfast and look forward to the sun shining on my face, the grace that God gives me and a spirit that gives me the ability to do much more than I often think is possible.  I have a busy day ahead of me, but there's something I need to do first - pray.  Have a blessed day everyone.


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